WordPress Functionality for developers

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Functionality for developers

They can be used to extend WordPress in any direction to bring your imagination to you.

  • Plugin system

WordPress APIs allow you to create plugins that extend WordPress. WordPress extensibility relies on thousands of hooks at your disposal. And after you have created your plugin, we also provide you with a repository in which to host it.

  • Themes system

Create WordPress themes for your customers, other WordPress users or yourself.  WordPress APIs give you the flexibility to create simple or complex themes as you wish. If you want to distribute your theme for free you can have it delivered to users via the Repository dei temi.

  • Application Framework (framework)

If you want to develop a WordPress application, it can help you too. Under the hood WordPress provides many features that your application may need, such as translations, user management, HTTP requests, databases, URL routing and much more.

  • Types of Custom Content

WordPress provides predefined content types, but for added flexibility you can add custom content types, tassonomie and metadati with a few lines of code. Take WordPress in any direction you want.

  • The latest bookstores

WordPress uses the latest scripting libraries and puts them at your service. These include: jQuery, Plupload, Underscore.js and Backbone.js. We are constantly looking for new tools that developers can use to give our users a better experience.

WordPress version 4.9.4

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WordPress 4.9 introduces the ability to save theme customizations. In addition to saving them as a draft, you can share the link to their preview, in order to send the URL to another user. This feature will be useful for those who are working on a site for someone else or if you want to show the changes to one of your members.

The Schedule function will allow you to schedule the publication of changes for a specific date and time.

New widget for the Gallery

If the previous update had introduced new widgets for rich text, images, audio and video, WordPress 4.9 is also for the galleries. New widget will allow you to create and edit an image gallery directly from WordPress, without using any additional components. You can change the number of columns, the order and size of the photos to be displayed in the sidebar. However, this is a basic feature. If you are looking for something more advanced, you will still need to use a dedicated plugin, like NextGEN Gallery.

Adding the "Add media" button to the text widget

At the moment, the text widget presents only the visual and text editors. If you want to add an image, you need to know how to write HTML. With WordPress 4.9 you will not have to touch the code anymore, as an "Add media" button will be added, like the one you already find in the articles, the text editor.

Improved code editing functionality

If you are one of those working with the code, WordPress 4.9 will improve the interface you are working on. CodeMirror will be added to the editor on additional CSS, theme and plugin editors. This feature includes highlighted syntax, code hint, and autocompletion. This will help you solve the most common syntax errors.

The highlighted syntax can be disabled by the user profile

Improvement of the process for creating menus

WordPress 4.9 contains a measure of resolution: users are asked to enter a name and a location when creating a new menu.

Improvement of email security emal

When a user tries to change their email address, a verification link will be sent to the address in question. Only after clicking on the link, the user can change the email address associated with his profile.

News for developers

WordPress 4.9 will also bring news that will mainly affect developers. Here are some: Checking dates and times in the customization menu Support for MySQL servers connected to IPv6 hosts Improving MediaElement.js Using the max-width parameter for the default captions Compatibility with PHP 7.2 of the core suites and test units, in view of next release.

The happiness of the developer

Improvements to the JS customization APIs 

Many improvements have been made to the Customize JS API in WordPress 4.9, eliminating many weaknesses and making it as simple as using PHP APIs. There are also new basic control templates, including a date / time control and section / panel / global notifications.

 See the complete list 

Updating MediaElement.js to version 4.2.6

WordPress 4.9 includes an updated version of MediaElement.js, which removes dependencies from jQuery, improves accessibility, modernizes the user interface and solves various problems..


CodeMirror is available for use in your themes and plugins

New code editing library, CodeMirror, to be used in the core. Use it to improve the writing or editing of any code within your plugins, such as fields containing CSS or JavaScript.


Improvements in roles and capabilities

New capabilities have been introduced to allow more granular management of plugins and translation files. Furthermore, the transition of a multisite site has been developed to update the available roles and capabilities in a more reliable and coherent manner.

 Miglioramenti in ruoli e capacità 


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