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The most promising new features are certainly these:

  • SEO Optimized Core and Template : You can manage everything SEO related without the need for heavy or unreliable third party components. 
  • Accessibility: Joomla4 has made a leap forward for accessibility, essential to guarantee an inclusive and truly accessible web for everyone..
  • Design: the brand new Bootstrap 5 has been integrated into the core and this allows you to implement new templates and graphics from scratch without unnecessarily burdening the system with external frameworks.
  • Workflow: new feature a bit "complicated" to understand but very useful for managing complex systems. It is possible to assign to one or more users the permissions to manage the publication of an article. For example, there will be the creator of the content, who passes the article to the reviewer, who passes it to the SEO specialist, who passes it to the titlist who, if everything is ok, publishes it. In a fully automated and controlled way.
  • Email customization: it is finally possible to customize system emails.

Requirements for Joomla! 4.x







Database supportati


5.6 +



11.0 +


Server Web supportati


2.4 +



1.18 +


Microsoft IIS

10 +



Let's upgrade from Joomla 3.10 to joomla 4

We click on the menu at the top -> components -> Joomla! Update

  • We click on the button "cerca aggiornamento" top left.
  • You should now have the following screen:

This screen is crucial. Read and study it carefully before proceeding with the upgrade. To see the details of each section click on "More details".

  • PHP Settings & Request database: are the minimum requirements to be able to use Joomla 4. These settings are mandatory. Not satisfying even one of these settings means not being able to run Joomla 4 on your server. In order to solve the problem it is necessary to contact your hosting and program the required updates with them.
  • Pre-update check for extensions: in this list you will find all the extensions (components, modules and plugins) installed on your site. If the author has reported on the JED that his extension is compatible with Joomla 4 then it will be placed in the "green" checklist. Otherwise you will get a warning message.
  • Pre-update check for extensions: in this list you will find all the extensions (components, modules and plugins) installed on your site. If the author has reported on the JED that his extension is compatible with Joomla 4 then it will be placed in the "green" checklist. Otherwise you will get a warning message.
  • This is the most critical part. If you are not sure if an extension is compatible with Joomla 4, consider whether to disable it (if it is not essential) or ask the developer for more info. Upgrading to Joomla 4 with a "wrong" extension risks completely compromising the visibility of the site.
  • if everything is in order then we can proceed but ... there is no button to start the upgrade!
  • This is because by default Joomla only allows system updates and not version updates, to avoid "unwanted" upgrades.
  • To enable the Joomla 4 update you need to click on "options" at the top right and in the update channel select "system and version progress".

Then click on "Save and Close" at the top.

At this we went back to the previous screen and a red line of "update information not available" will appear. It is normal, because it concerns the Italian language version. You can ignore the message.

Then click on the tab "Automatic update":

Sarà comparsa la dicitura 4.0.0 nella riga "Latest version of Joomla ".

Let's make a nice backup with Akeeba Backupand then click on "Install the update".

Let's let the system work.

If everything went well, the usual message will appear "your site has been updated. Now your Joomla version is 4.0.0. "But ... with the new admin template!

Your site is now updated to Joomla 4.

The very first thing to do is to update all your extensions.

If everything works correctly then you can go back to your control panel and start seeing the new Joomla4 features and settings.


Website Publishing Fantastic backup

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Creation and design of websites

  • CMS Joomla  


  • Templates of our production
  • Responsive RWD

All our templates / themes are responsive designs compatible with mobile devices

The website made for the client deals with the following services and solutions:
1. Cloud Backup
2. Hybrid Backup
3. Local Backup
4. Office 365 Backup
5. Internet Backup

VirtueMart e-commerce website design

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VirtueMart e-commerce site design, absolute quality and high professionalism.


VirtueMart is one of the most used by those who practice online commerce as it manages to implement all the functions necessary to manage their company online, with maximum efficiency.

Manage your online store, providing all the functions necessary to start an e-commerce such as: catalog management, product sales, shopping cart, payment and shipping methods and much more.

Many add-ons have been designed for VirtueMart e-commerce sites in order to implement new and captivating features for an independent and state-of-the-art online store.

VirtueMart has been designed to offer a wide range of features to site administrators, to put them in the ideal condition to make the most of their company, create their own virtual "squares", communicate with their customers and ensure constant control of all daily activities..


  • Detailed product sheets with images and “tell a friend” function;”;
  • Customizable showcase;
  • News module;
  • Viewing similar products;
  • Reviews and ratings;
  • Attributes;
  • Division into categories and customization;
  • Possibility of inserting multiple images;
  • Best-selling products.


  • Customer management / creation of customer groups;
  • Registration not required to purchase;
  • News form;
  • Payment and order history;
  • Ordering by e-mail;
  • Contact form;
  • Search using advanced filters;
  • Ability to enter multiple addresses for shipping.


  • Warehouse managemento;
  • Notice of exhaustion of goods;
  • Order status;
  • Payment and order history


  • VAT calculation;
  • Discounts, offers and coupons;
  • Real-time billing.

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If you are looking for professionals who can make you stand out in the digital world then you are in the right place!

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