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User Experience / User Interface design

  • User Experience / User Interface design

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Design Stufio

Design Studio

Design Studio

Design Studio

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Design Studio

Design Studio is the conception and design of Layout Responsive (RWD) websites easy to consult from any device, it is a need felt by any company that wants to promote and grow its business hand in hand with communication technologies.

We specialize in the conception, design and restyling of websites using the CMS platforms CMS Joomla, CMS Drupal, CMS WordPress, thus allowing the management of contents (texts, images, video, audio, etc...) to the Company or to the private individual.

Create a website to expand and strengthen the business with effective web solutions.

To create a website it is important:

  • Gather as much information about the company and competitors as possible.

  • Analyze the market, strengths and objectives

  • Defining structure and contents Our working method includes:

  • Layout creation for CMS Joomlal, CMS Drupal, CMS WordPress

Team Sara Web

  • Web Master _ Pasquale Dossi | e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.